Garage to Entertaining Space Conversion
July 18, 2023
McCulloch Lake Resort
July 18, 2023

Home Remodeling Kelowna

Leslie Remodel

This was an extensive whole home renovation, that was done in 2 phases so the homeowners could still live in the home during renovations. The basement hadn’t been updated in at least 30 years and the foundation had started leaking. We stripped the entire basement down to studs and repaired the cracks in the foundation from the inside to avoid having to dig up the exterior of the house. We also changed the layout of the bathroom and updated all the plumbing from copper piping to pex so there will be no issues with leaks in the future. We then modernized the entire space with new pot lights to brighten up the dark basement and make it a usable space. The upstairs didn’t require as much work, but still needed a freshen up with new flooring, paint, trim and updated the bathroom to a tiled shower & floor. To keep things within budget we used the original cabinets with a fresh coat of paint, new countertops & backsplash to modernize the space. The driveway and garage slab was old and cracked and desperately needed replacement so we removed the existing driveway and replaced it with a fresh broomed finish to keep the exterior of the house looking new while adding some stone accents to modernize the exterior.